Valve Maintenance

Valve Maintenance

Scheduled valve maintenance is key to ensuring optimum operational piece of mind and will minimise downtime. Faulty valves can lead to breakdowns and interruptions to a plants’ operations, expensive shutdowns and replacement costs or repairs.

TPF Group have an experienced team in not just the installation of pumps, pipe spools, valves and instrumentation, in addition to effective valve maintenance across a broad range of service delivery sectors.

We have the expertise and equipment to offer effective valve maintenance and repair services either in our workshop or on site.

Valve Maintenance Services

Key valve maintenance activities include:

  • Regular inspections: All valves should be monitored and inspected as part of a scheduled maintenance routine. Valves can be subjected to extreme conditions for example high pressure, weather and corrosion deposits, which over time can affect the operation of the valve and should be inspected regularly particularly if the valve forms a part of either a simple or complex isolation. Regular actuations, torque settings and ensuring the valve does not pass form a part of the maintenance TPF recommends.

Perth Experts in Valve Maintenance

A proactive valve maintenance program will enhance the performance and safety of valve operations and the system in which it operates. Preventative maintenance and servicing can enhance the lifespan of a valve and increase operational efficiencies.

Typically, as part of our valve maintenance services, we account for the valves onsite and technical specifications and present a documented report as part of our scheduled inspections or maintenance.

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