Pipeline Installation and Maintenance

Pipeline installation and maintenance

Your pipework forms a critical part of your infrastructure and operations so it pays to deal with an expert in pipeline maintenance and pipeline installation.

TPF Group has a proven track record of delivering plastic pipeline solutions to a wide range of industries, particularly mining, industrial and agricultural sectors.

We are leaders in plastic pipeline installation and are best known for our custom design and plastic fabrication capabilities. Our expert team will manage your project effectively from initial scoping, material selection and design, to fabrication and installation.

Our pipeline maintenance services include repairs, on-site inspections and upgrades as required.

We pride ourselves on our strong partnerships with clients and our adherence to all relevant Australian and international standards.


Polymers have revolutionised low pressure pipe system design which has driven the replacement of traditional pipe engineering materials over recent years. Poly pipes and fittings are used extensively in operating gas, chemical and water distribution systems safely, reliably and economically.

  • Design flexibility – easily shaped or fabricated
  • Integrated design – multifunction, ready assembled components, couplers and fittings
  • Ease of transport and handling
  • Ease of jointing – using butt or Electro Fusion welding (compared to steel pipe systems)
  • Corrosion and chemical resistance
  • Toughness – impact resistance, abrasion resistance and long term durability – technical lifetime of >50 years
  • Leak-free fusion jointing – low maintenance costs
  • Low friction bore – no scale build-up and efficient flow of transfer medium
  • Environmental benefits – recyclable

Perth Experts in Pipeline Maintenance and Installation

TPF has the ability and experience to undertake major infrastructure projects from design through to installation including groundwork. Our installations include stormwater, utilities installation, potable, wastewater and chemical delivery systems. Our team can provide regular inspections and maintenance when necessary or provide scheduled maintenance.

For specialist assistance with plastic pipeline installation and pipeline maintenance contact TPF Group today.