Corrosion Control

Corrosion Control Measures

TPF Group has the experience, technical expertise and knowledge to advise and help implement corrosion control measures on your worksite.

We take into account many factors when determining the best corrosion control strategies for our clients. Key considerations include the following:

  • Understanding the infrastructure – we will work closely with you to determine the criticality of the infrastructure and any components that may be affected by corrosion. We will identify what the infrastructures is used for, as well as, what the required lifespan of the infrastructure is so the materials with the optimal durability and longevity are used.
  • Environment and conditions – we will take into account the environment and conditions the infrastructure will be subjected to. We will need to understand what materials and contaminants the infrastructure will come into contact with and how harsh those materials are. Some materials will make the infrastructure more susceptible to corrosion than others.
  • Physical requirements – it’s important to fully understand what will be physically required of the infrastructure. What impact resistance and strength is required and what material can be used for the infrastructure to meet those requirements.

Once the above factors have been considered, the best material for the installation, repair or upgrade can be identified. Non-corrosive materials such as composites and plastics will be preferred, followed by materials with moderate corrosion resistance.

Corrosion Control Specialists

We can recommend a range of corrosion control measures such as using coating and protection barriers against moisture and oxygen, and minimising exposure to both of those elements. This may be achieved by keeping foundations dry, effective ventilation and other design features.

Contact TPF Group for more information about our corrosion control services. Our technicians and friendly customer service team are ready to answer any questions you may have.