About Our Services

We offer a complimentary range of services across industries including but not limited to chemical, agricultural, potable and wastewater delivery.

We pride ourselves on using technology and equipment which meets all quality, safety, health and environmental standards and our IMS is aligned with ISO 9001/14001 and 45001 and we are actively working towards triple certification.

Pump Installation and Maintenance

We have the expertise and equipment to install, maintain and repair commercial and industrial pumps safely and efficiently.

Valve Maintenance

Our valve maintenance and repair services are key to ensuring your equipment performs its best and lasts the distance.

Pipeline Installation and Maintenance

We’re leaders in plastic pipeline maintenance, installation and are best known for our custom fabrication capabilities.

Plastic Fabrication

Our team has the technical expertise and know-how to undertake plastic fabrication projects of any size, shape and scale.

Plastic Welding

We can weld a wide range of materials and are technical specialists in extrusion, butt, electrofusion and socket welding.

Site Services

Get custom fabrication, installation, maintenance and other support and repair services delivered on site.

Mechanical Fitting

Our mechanical fitters specialise in the maintenance and installation of pumps, fabricated pipe spools, valves, instrumentation and actuation systems.

Corrosion Control

Boost the lifespan and performance of your pipework and equipment with our corrosion control measures.