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The Poly Welding Experts

Poly welding is a specialist skill requiring the most experienced hands, high quality equipment and knowledgeable technicians – you will want to deal with experts in plastic welding.

The team at TPF Group are leaders in all aspects of plastic welding in Perth, including extrusion poly welding, butt fusion poly welding, electrofusion poly welding and socket fusion poly welding.

Extrusion Poly Welding

This plastic welding technique uses a hand tool, referred to as an Extrusion Welder. This method involves using a bead of molten plastic to weld a membrane to another surface or weld thermoplastics and composites. It can be used to secure plastic lining for a pond. It can also be used to repair poly water tanks or fuel tanks, as well as seam plastic sheeting.

Butt Fusion Poly Welding

Butt Fusion is a common plastic welding technique used to join HDPE pipes, particularly larger lengths of this kind of pipe.

We use specialised equipment to secure, scrape and heat the pipe ends. The ends are then pressed together to form a strong joint.

Electrofusion Poly Welding

Another form of plastic welding is electrofusion which is used to join HDPE and other plastic pipe using equipment that has electric heating elements built-in.

The pipes that need to be welded together are secured into the electrofusion welding fitting and the built in energising coils heat melt the inside and outside of the pipe ready to form a joint.

While this type of equipment isn’t as complex as some other equipment, it does require precise positioning by the operator and an understanding on the optimal poly welding heat and time.

Socket Fusion Poly Welding

Socket plastic welding is used to assemble piping systems using injection moulded fittings. It can be undertaken by hand or using a manually operated machine, and is different from butt-welding because it uses custom sized and shaped heating plates instead of a flat surface. The fitting and pipe are heated for a specific length of time before being left to cool and form a weld.

Plastic Welding Perth

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