Plastic Recycling

Plastic has been proven to be a durable and practical material, able to be used in many applications. Many types are unable to biodegrade and with a lifespan of over 100 years, plastic piping is a resource that shouldn’t go to waste.

Damaged pipes and off cuts build up quickly, especially from mining, building and construction sites.  Our plastic recycling service takes care of old or damaged polyethylene (PE) plastic pipes and fittings of all sizes as well as offcuts.  Each year, recycling unwanted plastic saves 300-400 tonnes of material from being sent to landfill.

Depending on the condition of the material, the plastic may be able to be 100% recycled. Plastic piping or liners that are unable to be reclaimed for piping or heavy industrial use can be recycled into products that undergo less intense wear and tear, such as multi-layer non-pressure pipes used in electrical conduit work.

We understand that transporting is a challenge, particularly for small businesses.  Our commitment to reducing plastic waste means that we are willing to recycle plastics on-site, or, if necessary, transport the plastic off-site to be recycled. This action is one part of the initiative being led by many members of the plastic manufacturing industry to make plastic recycling a regular and more efficient process.  Once we have successfully completed recycling the plastic we will submit the photographic documentation as required.

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