Corrosion Management

Managing corrosion begins with inspecting and reporting on the condition of the already existing piping and concrete structures.  We can provide recommendations based on what we discover and then proceed to a descaling process to treat the interior and exterior surfaces, as well as applying a coating that ensures the integrity of the structure in the years to come.

Corrosion can affect concrete that has been reinforced with steel, causing deterioration as the rusting steel expands and cracks the concrete.  Prevention of this breakdown in concrete structures can be attributed to the appropriate application of protective coatings, such as a paint that meets Australian standards.  Most of the paints used for this preventative application are quick to dry, meaning the loss of production time is minimal.

Australia’s proximity to the marine environment and the high alkaline and airborne chloride levels around marine areas place a significant stress on the longevity of pipelines.  Compounding this is the strong UV light which also reacts with materials and adds to the corrosive effect.  If we discover a larger issue based on our inspection and reporting that can’t be treated or repaired from an external position, we will recommend the best option: either to remove the piping or to repair and then re-install it.  Removal, repairs and reinstallation may seem like an annoyance, however the longevity of your pipeline is worth the short-term investment of time.

We are equipped to efficiently provide repairs with the least amount of disturbance to you and your operations.  Regardless of whether corrosion management for your company means preventative measures or repairs, we are equipped with a wide range of solutions to keep your pipelines and structures functional and free flowing.

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